One of the problems faced in rural areas was their inability to grasp the intensity of the virus. The people of Makdasar didn’t follow the safety guidelines at the time of Lockdown, they did not maintain distance from each other, the locals did not even cover their faces with the masks, the local population was unaware of the people who entered and exited the village.
All the people were called to a meeting that was organised by the youth with the help of Urmul and Plan Team and decided that they should cooperate with the government; they should also follow the guidelines issued by the government. They explained to the people playing cards in the chaupal that they should not sit together and play cards with each other. Maintain a distance, Cover the face with a mask, this information was also shared through speakers, so that everyone follows the rules of social distancing and Lockdown. The youth blocked the roads by applying wooden logs on the roads leading around the village and imposed the duty of 5 people to prevent the entrance of unknown individuals. Soap was distributed so that the people in need did not face any kind of trouble. The youth and the former Sarpanch also sanititized the entire village to mitigate the spread of the virus. Hard times require people to step up and in this case, the youth of Makdasar rose to the occasion to keep the community safe.

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