About Urmul

urmul groupThe URMUL Rural Health, Research and Development Trust, Bikaner was initiated by URMUL Dairy (Uttari Rajasthan Cooperative Milk Union Ltd.), Bikaner in 1983. URMUL Trust represents a family of organizations working towards social and economic change in the lives of the people in the harsh, inhospitable and interior regions of western Rajasthan. What keeps these different organisations and the Trust together are a set of shared feelings, values and commitment about work and processes of development. The care of the development premise of the URMUL TRUST is an intrinsic faith in the capacity of rural people to devise, manage and sustain development programmes.

Since its inception there has been unflinching commitment towards strengthening the processes of local initiative and leadership both, within the organaisation as well as at the village level. Most of the members of the Urmul Trust are natives of the Thar, others from representing various institutes and cadres of repute.

Work with people is guided by the spirit that most often people themselves know what best can be done and must thus become active participants in bringing the change most needed. All the work is focused on vulnerable sections of the society, women and children being the prime.

To know about our history kindly click.. Moving in Sand and Time

To know more about us kindly mail@urmul.org

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