UMBVSUrmul Marusthali Bunker Vikas Samiti (UMBVS) is a registered, not-for-profit organisation established for the welfare of weavers in the Great Thar Desert of Western Rajasthan.

With modernisation in the textile industry, traditional employment opportunities that existed in the desert are fast disappearing. Today we work with over 200 weavers (of which around 20 are women) from 12 villages in the north-west of Rajasthan. This provides weavers with the ability to make products with dignity. By working in a society, without middlemen, our weavers receive higher prices for their products which are sold in local and international markets.

Since our formation we have been working for the development of the vulnerable and weaker sections of society – especially Dalits, women and children. Today we also operate several rural development programmes including education, children’s rights, horticulture and eye services.

Our current and previous development projects


  1. Community eye health programme (Oct 2004- ongoing)
  2. Tabri Ri Pehli Pehchan Programme (January 2006 – ongoing)
  3. Library Project (July 2004 – ongoing)
  4. Child protection and quality education project  (Jan 2006- December 2011)
  5. Girl Child Education Programmes (15 September 2009 – June 2012)
  6. Disaster Management Programme (March 2008 – March 2011)
  7. Dalit Resource Centre, Pokaran (Ongoing from August 2002)
  8. Dalit Community Organisation and Empowerment Programme  (January—)
  9. Mini Horticulture Pot Irrigation Programme    (February 2010 – January 2013)


UMBVS is part of the “URMUL network”, a family of ten development NGOs working towards social and economic change for the people in the harsh and inhospitable regions of western Rajasthan. All organisations originate from the URMUL Rural Health Research & Development Trust, which started its operations in 1985. The organisations share a set of common values – honesty, equality, secularism and gender sensitivity – and an intrinsic faith in the capacity of the rural people to devise, manage and sustain development programmes. Many projects are carried out in collaboration between the NGOs, and information and experience is shared on a regular basis within the network.

Contact Us  

Sec-4, Adarsh Nagar
Phalodi-342301, Jodhpur
Rajasthan, India
Phone – +91 2925 222272
Visit us at our Showroom
Opp. RTDC midway
Pokaran, NH-15

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