“During the initial days of the campaign, we were overwhelmed with the challenges in the area. We were especially concerned about the marginalized section deprived of basic facilities. To reach out to this section, few of our Urmul team members were loading the truck with food and essentials for our next dispatch, some of us were motivating each other to fight the dark days ahead. As we were about to start our journey, we were interrupted by a 9-year-old boy with a plate full of grains. He exclaimed, “This is from my side”. It reminded me of the initial days of the campaign, about how we were happy to be able to help people by uniting them, especially teenagers. Before we knew it, we were approached by a lady again, she believed spices were necessary for a hearty meal and handed us a bag of chili powder and salt. Soon after, there were other people contributing oil and spices for the campaign. Because of all these efforts, the school’s teacher Ramlal Mina Gokhar Ram and other youngsters present there were getting motivated. This motivation has been an integral part of our journey against starvation and poverty and we like to think of it as a fuel for our daily service deliveries. After all, amidst austerity and instability, we have come to believe that a jug fills drop by drop.”

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