The Pandemic has brought about challenges for individuals from all walks of life but the ones facing most challenges are our breadwinners. In our previous edition, we shared the ground realities about the farmers and the difficulties faced by them.
As a restorative strategy, our team is building on a yearlong project of Sustainable Agriculture supported by Oracle which aims at developing a working and replicable organic farm in the middle of the desert. It aims at inspiring farmers to adopt organic and sustainable farming and initiate work along the vertical of Animal Husbandry to transform the current practices and the attitudes for a responsible and sustainable agro- value chain. Eventually, this all then culminates at establishing a farmer-owned farm enterprise leading to enhanced incomes to marginalized farmers. So far, we have provided infrastructural resources, training, and guidance to 550 farmers across Rajasthan to strive towards organic farming. In addition, we have motivated kids from 35 schools to practise kitchen gardening and provided them with all the necessary resources which would help us to overcome the challenges faced across the agriculture vertical.
Moving forward, we also aim to strengthen market linkages to profit the farmers. One such initiative is Bahula Naturals which has managed to set up their stalls in Bangalore Dastkar Nature Bazaar and Delhi exhibitions in the past and has been attended and appreciated by visitors.

“ Bahula Naturals works as a marketing agency for us. Whenever the products of farmers and livestock owners are prepared, it is shared with Bahula so that our farmers and livestock owners get a reasonable amount of money for their products. Bahula plays an important role in introducing good quality products to the market “ – Chenaram, Bishnoi, Project Coordinator.

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