Urmul has strongly believed in the power of communication and its role in facilitating a positive change in the communities. For 25 years, Urmul has been experimenting and adopting various media and communications strategies to support and reinforce its innovations in the Desert. From using indigenous folk art – theater, folk music, story telling, puppetry etc., to training community children in Radio programming and Broadcast with AIR to using Gramsat to its advantage, Urmul has experimented with different mediums to spread information and educate the people in the remote rural regions.

Over the years, Urmul has developed an expertise at communications through its adept communications team. This team includes an in house (autonomous) folk communications team, Urmul Gavaniyaar. The Gavaniyaar team through its puppetry, folk music and theatre has been played a vital role in initiating attitudinal altercation. The team also includes a small crew of media professionals who use their mainstream media ideas and techniques to promote communications for various programmes. The team has been innovating and producing various IEC material – Films, Posters, Books, Newsletters, etc., for enhancing information dissemination within the on one hand and for advocacy and lobbying with policy-makers on the other.

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