Child helpline 1098

During the months of April 2019 to March 2020, under the child helpline, regular sessions were held in 47 villages with people from all sections of the community, of which 28 villages were from the PLAN focused areas and 19 villages were from the non-plan area. In these villages, a demo was made to call children at 1098. A total of 11434 people got information about child helpline 1098 in this program.

  1. School Session: A total of 47 sessions were taken for the purpose of providing information to school students about the child line. The sessions also discussed child rights and education quality.
  2. Meetings with community organizations: Meetings were held with 2 community organizations to make the community aware about the child line. Apart from this, the issues of child marriage and child labor were also discussed and the laws made for them were given.
  3. Session with the youth about the JJ Act: In the session organized with the youth, information was given about the JJ Act and Poxo Law, Child Line 1098.
  4. Child line session in Gram Panchayat meetings: Meetings were held with the Gram Panchayats to make the Panchayat representatives aware of the child line 1098.
  5. Child Rights Club Meetings in Schools: In the meetings held with a total of 12 Child Right Clubs formed earlier, divisions were informed about the safety of children through Child Helpline 1098. Apart from this, the role of child right clubs in child protection and prevention of any kind of child abuse at home, school and village was explained.
  6. Session with Kishori girls:Regular Sessions with girl children were conducted at the sub-level level with Kishori girls, during which a demo call was also given on 1098.
  7. DEMO CALL: In various meetings and training of community organizations, the entire process of 1098 was communicated to the divisors by conducting a demo call of 1098. 457 demo calls were made.
  8. Friendship Week from Child Line: - Friendship program was conducted from Panchayat level child line. 545 children participated in it, in which special information of 1098 was given and about child rights.
  9. Meetings with Kishore Manch: - Meetings were held with 12 Kishore Manch, in which 55 Kishors participated and put forth their views and talks were held about development.

Child safety program

  1. day Natya Kaushal training- Natya Kaushal training was conducted in the institution premises with 25 teachers from the villages of the field on child safety issues.
  2. Natya Kaushal Demonstration in the villages of the project area - Natya Kaushal training was conducted in the middle and upper secondary level schools in 63 villages of the project area. During this, the trained girls educated the people of the village through theatrical staging on child marriage, child rights and other socio-religious dogmas.
  3. A special event was conducted on International Girl's Day - On 11 October 2019, on the occasion of International Girl's Day, an event was organized in 10 schools of the project area. Special gram sabhas were organized by the gram panchayats with the school girls of the senior schools of the village, in which the girls of the forum organized the panchayat, school and community level on issues related to the girl child such as child marriage, girl education, changing rooms in the school Passed the resolution.

  4. Kishori Prerna Manch Meetings - Various issues related to girls in Kishori Prerna Manch Meetings during the month of September 2019 to March 2020 - which causes obstruction of the girl child, mainly girl child education, social gender discrimination and skills. The developments are mainly. Stating the importance of skill development for girls, she was motivated to make a career.
  5. Kishore Manch Meetings - In the Kishor Manch meetings, information related to child rights, child labor, girl education, child marriage were shared.
  6. Joint meetings of village level child safety committee and school management committee: Child rights, child safety, girl education, child marriage, child labor were shared with village level child safety committee and village panchayat level child safety committee. There was a detailed discussion on coordination. Apart from this, child helpline 1098 has been told that this helpline can be used for wandering children, missing children, any type of physical, mental torture etc. After 8th or 10th, the committees can play their positive role by motivating the girls who leave middle school to pursue higher education.
  7. Block level workshop on prevention of child marriage with the main beneficiaries - On March 17, 2020, a detailed discussion was held to prevent child marriage in the block level workshop organized with the main beneficiaries at Bajju. In the workshop, under the chairmanship of Mr. Abhishek Surana, the subdivision officer of Bajju, the main beneficiaries put forward their views that the government, institution and community will have to work together to eliminate the evil practices like child marriage in the society, so that a solid foundation in the society The message should be that if anyone cooperates or gets involved in getting a child married, then his social boycott will be done and legal proceedings will also be implemented. Discussions were also made about eradicating the evils of child marriage from their villages and make the area child marriage free entirely.

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