Reviving traditional pasture routes in dry and arid parts of the Country Programme

In its efforts to strengthen traditional pastoral livelihoods across the desert, Urmul Trust under the aegis of National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA), Government of India and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), United Nations, the Reviving traditional pasture routes in dry and arid parts of the country Programme has launched interventions … Continue reading

Overcoming water shortage during the times of COVID as a Restorative Strategy

The entire world had come to a standstill due to the Covid 19 epidemic, triggering a halt on employment, travels as well as led to subsequent shutdown of shops. Inter-state and Intra-state travel restrictions and unemployment has given birth to a section of vulnerable communities in rural areas, who are … Continue reading

In the Time of Need

Ongoing pandemic has left the marginalised section of rural communities of Thar desert at a point of despairing depravity. Over three months of lockdown have brought in untold hardships; scarcity of ration, limited or non-existent income opportunities and even the basic health-hygiene requirements of thousands of children, adolescent girls and … Continue reading

ONE STEP FURTHER – (The Camel Partnership)

Under “The Camel Partnership” initiative, with support from Axis Bank Foundation, Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRAN) and Centre For Pastoralism, Urmul Trust has been leading efforts during the COVID-19 lockdown to mobilise resources liaising with Animal Husbandry government officials and identified Youth Changemakers to organise health camps and distribute vaccines … Continue reading


In the remote villages of Osian Block of Jodhpur district, women are overburdened with several difficulties. With the lockdown measures and the prevalent stigma against menstruation, new problems have soared up, especially for adolescent girls. Amidst these difficulties, under our programme ‘Marriage not child’s play’ Urmul Trust in collaboration with … Continue reading


“During the initial days of the campaign, we were overwhelmed with the challenges in the area. We were especially concerned about the marginalized section deprived of basic facilities. To reach out to this section, few of our Urmul team members were loading the truck with food and essentials for our … Continue reading