Urmul Trust
  • Glimpse of the Rural Rajasthan area

  • Pastoral Community

  • Creating a healthier environment to promote children's health and nutrition
    To provide young children with the best possible foundation for a healthy life
  • Enriching the ecosystem
    Developing community water bodies in The Thar Desert
  • Revived Artisans
    Women-led initiatives for their livelihood

  • Leveraging Digital Education Technology Solution For The Thar Desert

  • From Liability To Co-Existence
    Changing relations of Camels with the community
  • We Stand For Greatest Causes
    Reviving the dying arts & crafts of Rajasthan

About Urmul


We Serve the Humanity.

The URMUL Rural Health, Research and Development Trust, Bikaner was initiated by URMUL Dairy (Uttari Rajasthan Cooperative Milk Union Ltd.), Bikaner in 1983. URMUL Trust represents a family of organizations working towards social and economic change in the lives of the people in the harsh, inhospitable and interior regions of western Rajasthan. What keeps these different organisations and the Trust together are a set of shared feelings, values and commitment about work and processes of development.

Child Rights

Urmul has been working towards strengthening the status of the child in the society. It understands the onus on progression and development lies on children and all efforts need to be focused on these founding pillars of the society. READ MORE »


#MyLifeAt15 celebrates the dreams and ambitions we hold at the age of 15 in support of every girl having the opportunity to achieve hers, without child marriage holding her back. READ MORE »

Desert Life & Craft

In its initial stage of working on health, with an agenda of complementing the dairy’s activities, Urmul Trust team did not have any idea that it would soon need to shift its focus from health care to income generation. READ MORE »

Balika Shivir

The Balika Shivir or the Shivir (the commonly used names for the Balika Shikshan Shivir or Girls’ Education Camp) was a six-month residential education program for girls between the ages of 10-17 years who had dropped-out of school. READ MORE »

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